Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunday a bit late - and still writing

I have been a little out of touch lately for my Sunday posts. I don't always make it on Sunday, but I try to get here as I can. We've been homeless for a while, so while I don't use it as an excuse, it does make my life more stressful. Amongst all the stress and dealing with family and friends, I try to write. I can't say I spend as much time at is as I can, but I make the effort. I encourage other writers to write - those I work with online and those in my writing groups. But I am getting discouraged lately, and I feel a bit bad about it.

So I decided I'm going to focus more on goals, like getting something ready for a contest or submitting a query or something I can promise myself each week. I'm hoping this will help me make more time in my day to make these people in my head quiet down a bit while I write down their thoughts and conversations. I'm hoping you guys could help inspire me a little. Have you ever had times when you really just couldn't get it together and make your writing happen? Any tips or tricks that help someone who's really stressed start feeling creative again? I'm open to any ideas you may have, and then some.

Thanks for your help,


  1. I guess it depends on the situation. If the stress is due to other stuff going on, the best thing to do might be give yourself permission not to write, especially if the guilt over not writing is making things worse! But if you think the writing would make your life happier, maybe you could try writing exercises to spur creativity?

  2. I often have times when I would rather do anything else other than write. OK, except cleaning. But the thing is, I know if I just open the document and start doing an edit here, a tweak there, I'll soon find myself caught up in the love of the story again.

  3. Thanks, guys. Wise words indeed. I try to write, but find my creativity drained right now. So I think I will give myself permission to not write for a couple of days and then get back to it. These down moods don't usually last too long.