Saturday, March 6, 2010

Book Signings R Us

This is going to be a busy book signing year for me. I'm planning to attend RT (the Romantic Times Booklovers Convention) and Romanticon (Ellora's Cave Convention). RT has an ebook expo on Friday, and a print book fair and Saturday and I'll be signing at both. Last year I signed at the Romanticon book fair and had so much fun meeting readers and fellow authors.

I'll be kicking my book signing year with an Author Breakfast at Joice Public Library in Iowa. The author omelet breakfast is an annual event and this will be the first time I've attended. I'm really looking forward to it. My friend and fellow author Maggie Rivers will be attending the breakfast and signing a book she co-wrote.

I try to think ahead for things I'll need for promotion. I have some book marks for the two long novels that are published by EC. I just had Croco designs create a bookmark for my new ebook, Whirlwind Affair, which EC will publish on March 10.

So I have a question for the readers of our blog...if you're a writer, what types of promo materials do you hand out at book signings? Which work best and travel best? For readers, what do you like to get from your favorite authors when you meet them at a book signing?


  1. I have heard that first chapter samples are the best thing to give out at signings. And chocolate. I made little first chapter books once that other writers were very impressed with but I never did enough signings to impress readers! I used free Vistaprint post cards to make the cover and back and then cut the inside paper into 4 squares, printed front and back. The hardest part was figuring out how to set up the full size pages so that cutting them would result in a book with the correct page order.

  2. I'm a sucker for magnets and pens. But to get me to actually buy the book, I think the first chapter samples work the best -- at least for me.