Wednesday, March 17, 2010

13 Things about Liam the Leprechaun

Did you know I actually wrote a romance novel about a leprechaun? It's called Liam's Gold and it's for sale at Samhain Publishing. In honor of St. Paddy's today, I've composed a list of 13 ways Liam (the hero of the story) is not much like the Americanized version of the leprechaun many of our visitors might be more familiar with.
1) He comes from another dimension and not the Emerald Isle.
2) When his skin starts to peel, it means his trial in humanspace is nearly over, not that he got a sunburn.
3) His irises are green, yes, but also shamrock-shaped. Good thing he found contact lenses to hide that little facet of his physiology.
4) He can make wishes come true only if you realize he's a leprechaun. And why would you? He's practically indistinguishable from any really charming, red-headed, green eyed, and attractive human male. Which is kind of a rare combination, actually, so if you happen to meet suspicious.
5) He prefers expensive wingtips to any footwear with snazzy gold buckles.
6) He does not smoke a pipe.
7) Never in his life, except that one time Sal paid him, has he ever said, "Top of the morning to ya."
8) He likes to jog, not race around hiding his gold.
9) In fact, he really doesn't have that much gold. He spent most of it on shoes and private detectives.

10) He is a womanizer, not a miser. Ok, not really, on the womanizer part. He just likes women a lot, one in particular--his neighbor Sal. But it's true he's not a miser, except for his extensive shoe collection.
11) He's never found the end of a rainbow. Probably hasn't looked, either. He's got better things to do.
12) He does not dance jigs or wear a top hat.
13) He doesn't aggravate actual Irish folks, unlike the commercialized image of the leprechaun found in so many countries today. Well, unless they're offended by romance novellas with smokin' hot sex scenes.
Jody W.


  1. And he's basically napalm to anything computer related! lol

    Now, is that a typical leprechaun trait, or is Liam's fondness for adult sites even worse than readers are lead to believe ;)

    Great St. Patty's Day themed post, Jody. Totally perked up my evening, which was in desperate need of a good perking.

  2. Thanks, Gretchen! I don't know if leprechauns are computer napalm in other mythologies, but they are in mine! I doubt Liam had any greater affection for porn sites as any other single guy.... *ha*

  3. What a cool idea for a story! I bet Liam's gold is a fun read.

  4. I'll have you know I dated many a handsome red head in my younger days (3 of them). Guess I had a thing for them. Now I'm married to short, dark and stocky. Oh well. Liam sounds absolutely yummy.