Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Out of this World

The paranormal world of publishing is ... well, out of this world. With the economy in trouble and people worried about every dime, we're finding out that supernatural sells. From various shows on television (Being Human, Supernatural, Warehouse 13) to movies (Orphan, Drag Me To Hell, Haunting in Connecticut) to books (Twilight - also a movie, Dragons Prefer Blondes, anything by Laurell K. Hamilton), the spooky is getting its props in a big way.

If you look back at another time in our history when the economy was at its worst - the Great Depression - it amazes me that the same things sold back then, when people barely had enough money for food. The Wizard of Oz is about as supernatural as you can get. People want to believe, and they want paranormal writers to make them believe. That's what we're all about.

So what makes it work? Well, I keep hearing vampires have been done to death, but I keep seeing books and movies (Twilight anyone?) about them. Harry Potter continues to bring in the crowds, and even movies like Transformers and Terminator, while not strictly supernatural, definitely have a weird factor that brings the money in.

People want to believe in magic when times are tough, so we can give them something to believe in. In the BBC's Being Human, the plot sounds like the beginning of a bad joke - a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost share a house. But I found the show very interesting, and I'll keep watching. Warehouse 13 is a show about unusual artifacts collected and kept by the government to keep people from doing harm or gaining unfair advantage. It's been done before, but they do it well.

It's the same with books. The books I've mentioned all have some unusual take on a "usual" creature, be it dragons, vampires or faeries. If you like to read about such things, there is so much out there. And we're hoping to bring even more to the table as we go.

So here's my question to you - can you name me your five favorite paranormal/supernatural books, movies or shows? Let's here it!

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  1. I was right into werewolves and vampires, etc many years ago. I thought I'd give "Twilight" a go, but it didn't do anything for me. Having said that, it is for teenagers and young adults. I prefer a really good bloodthirsty murder mystery or a psychological thriller.