Monday, August 3, 2009

Lori's Favorite Paranormal Websites

This week us gals at the diner will be blogging about our favorite paranormal research websites. Here's a few of mine:

Features of the Gothic Romance
Iris E. GarcĂ­a explains the elements of the Gothic novel.

Gothic Romance Forum
A community for gothic romance fiction and literature lovers.

How to Write a Ghost Novel
eHow article by Robert Vaux on how to write a ghost novel.

Monstrous Werewolves
Source of information about the wolfman or werewolf as a monster. Shapeshifters and were-creatures are described through history, mythology, art and popular culture study. Includes historical documents and illustrations libraries.

Notes on Writing Vampire Romances
Angela Knight's blog notes on writing vampire romances from the 2007 Romantic Times Conference.

Paranormal Romance: Secrets of the Female Fantastic
Discusses the themes found in paranormal romance.

Suburban Vampire
Catherine Karp's list of reference books for researching and writing the vampire novel.

Tips on Writing the Time Travel Romance
Eugenia Riley give advise on making a time travel romance believable.

Werewolves: The Myths & The Truths
An informative site exploring truths and myths around the werewolf legend from scientific point of view.

Werewolves -- Lycanthropy
The history of the werewolf legend, with a listing of werecreatures and shapeshifters from around the world.

What Makes a Time Travel Romance a Good Read?
Deb Stover discusses the time travel romance.

Writing Lycanthropy
J. Atlas Burke discusses how to write better werewolves.

Writing a Psychic Character
Marilynn Byerly's blog on how to write a psychic character.


  1. Sounds like somebody's been researching a time traveling werewolf novel *heh*. Thanks for the links!

  2. Time travels, yes. Werewolf, no. At least not yet. But you never know. I like to be prepared. *G*

  3. Keep away from them there werewolves, they's nasty critturs.

    Well, you have been busy. I hope you have fun with all those.

  4. I visited the Gothic Romance sites--Cool. I look forward to visiting your other suggestions. Thanks.