Sunday, March 8, 2009

What's happening in publishing?

I hear a lot of things about the economy and the state of publishing. It's true publishers are shutting down lines and laying off employees. But the news isn't all bad. There are still editors out there looking for work. This past week, Heather Osborn from Tor mentioned she still is accepting submissions in paranormal romance. Some of the authors I know just want to give up, quit writing and do something different. If you CAN give up, and you want to, then do what's right for you. But if you're like me, and other writers I know, you CAN'T NOT write. You have to do it, whether you get paid for it, recognized for it or rewarded for it. You hang in there, dream about it, sit at a blank computer or hold an empty piece of paper and are compelled to put words on it, even though it's difficult or intimidating - you are a writer.

What you need to know is, eventually the economy will recover. Publishers will again be looking for new writers, unpublished writers, and if you've continued writing, you'll be out there in front of the ones who quit because they believed the market just wasn't there right now. So don't give up - keep true to your course and write the very best book you can.

Happy writing!

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