Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sunday, Sunday

I started this blog a bit early - it's almost midnight on Saturday, but I was so anxious to share, I just had to come ahead of time.

I've spent the last week working on a screenplay, a book, two editing projects and cooking. I love all of it! And some days I wonder how I am ever going to get it all done. But this week was a good one. I saw three movies - Watchmen, Race to Witch Mountain and Duplicity. Nice thing - when you're a screenwriter, you get to deduct such expenses on your taxes :)

Anyway, I thought the rest of the week would be the usual, but ... I decided to become an agent and actually sold a book, get to pitch to a movie producer in a few months and got two new clients I have to work into my schedule.

We're actually having a ranting week, and trust me, I have weeks like that. I'm really glad this isn't one of them. You've heard all the publishing bad news, but I can tell you, there's still a place for each and every one of you who has a story to tell, so don't give up! You have to write because you're a writer, and you have to write because you need to be published.

So get on your butt and get busy! I want to see progress posted here on how everyone is doing. Commit a goal to us and then let us know you're working ... do it today! The minute you get done reading this!

What are you waiting for? Go!!!
Jeannie :)


  1. Wow, you became an agent and made a sale for your 1st client. A great track record already. Congrats! You definitely have to blog more on how all that came about.

    And I'm sure there'll be some ranting when word gets out and you have to start fielding dozens of queries a week from the multitude of writers on the agent hunt.

  2. I'll post more on the agenting soon :) I'm not ready to be "out" yet, because I want to start slow, so we'll see how things go! My second writer has a request from Dorchester, so it's going well.