Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Off Week Links

We've got an off week here at the Diner, which means we're serving up everything from mystery meat to leftovers. Here are some of the links I visited today when I could have been writing. Okay, I couldn't really have been writing, because most of the day I had a sick or otherwise whining child draped across me, but these are places I surfed:

Passive Aggressive Notes: (I emailed the link to my sister and asked her if it looked familiar to her)

How to keep your email inbox cleaned out: (I flagged it and put it in my inbox to read later)

Fantasm Awards: (I got one for A Spell for Susannah)

Natural Insect Repellant: (I am researching herbs and spices for a work in progress)

Trouble with mice? (More research on the interesting properties of herbs)

More trouble with mice: (My mom keeps finding mice in her CAR, so my research led to a more practical area.)

Saffron: (I wanted to know how expensive it was, really.)

Herbs with Interest: (Herbs used for magical purposes--random internet list with no source information)

Merriam-Webster: (I needed a definition to be sure my heroine would actually say that word.)

Salvia: (Research sometimes teaches you things you had absolutely no clue about.)

Steatite: (Research about soapstone, der)

Advice for New Writers: (I got tired of researching and decided to catch up on some favorite blogs)

TWOP's Smallville Forums: (Every now and then I like to wallow in my hatred of the show, even though I've been "Noiscotting" all season)

Fugly: (Because I probably am, but I still visit every day)

Hair clip craft idea: (My kids both have very fine silky hair that won't cooperate with regular hair clips and God forbid I try to get a rubber band in there.)

Mama Writers: (A new blog I found for romance writers who are actively parenting small children)

Flying Spaghetti Monster: (I like to catch up on all the new sightings of his Noodly Appendages once a month or so)

Suvudu Free Book Library: (They've got several really great ebook downloads right now.)

These aren't even half the pages in my history for today, either! Sheesh, it looks like I sit around and surf the internet all day long, but I don't. I just read really fast in between feeding, bathing, reading to, playing with, cuddling, wiping the noses of, forcing medicine down and threatening my children.

Jody W.
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  1. These sites sound interesting. I'll have to visit.