Saturday, March 7, 2009

More Than Words...

I've had an interesting few weeks. At the beginning of February I had a surge with my writing where I threw out about 16,000 words because a story wasn't working and wrote about 13,000 in the space of a week or so. Unfortunately, I then hit a bit of a wall. Part of that was due to some outside forces - literally.

The evening of February 19th I tripped and fell, spent three hours on Friday the 20th being x-rayed and all sorts of other stuff. I was ordered to physical therapy for two weeks, but before I could get that set up I ended up coming down with the flu which layed me out for a week. I'm just coming back and it's really hard to get back into the writing groove again. Especially since the spot I'm trying to get written is a rather intense love scene. Despite suggestions to the contrary by many--intimate (and explicit) love scenes are not easy to write. The scene has to make sense in the context of the characters and the story. Fortunately, the scene is appropriate and in the right spot, but you have to really gear up to write least I do.

So, my characters are in bed and on the edge of consumation and...well...that's where they are. Trust me, they're ticked about it. However, when you're coughing your lungs out and tired beyond belief - writing a love scene does not happen.

However, today may have afforded me just a bit of motivation for getting better and getting my writing going again. I checked a book store for the April issue of Realms of Fantasy magazine. They had copies and I had them hold two. There are two reasons for this.

First, this may be the last ever issue of Realms of Fantasy Magazine, which is a total and complete bummer. It's been a great place for aspiring fantasy authors to get their work published for some exposure. The other reason I bought two copies was because my book, Protect and Defend, is included a full color ad near the back of the issue. Ellora's Cave bought an ad before the magazine announced it's demise and I bought in on the ad so I could advertise my book. It was SO cool to get the magazine today and whip through to find my book as part of a full color ad - and it is a gorgeous ad!!! I hope it increases sales.

That's kind of the other funny thing that's been on my mind lately. Before I had sold anything to anyone, I just wanted someone to offer me a contract. I didn't think about sales or promotion or anything like that. Now, I get excited about my book and about a second sale, but in the back of my mind are things about developing a backlist. Promoting my book so I have some solid royalties coming in...stuff like that. The love of writing is still a part of me and always will be, but I'm also starting to consider the bottom line. Sales.

I don't know if that means I'm maturing as a writer or that I've lost my innocence as an author. What do you think? When you think about stuff other than the writing have you gained something or lost something? Please comment! I'd love to know what you think.


  1. Fran, I vascillate between bulking up on the business end like reading PW and keeping a notebook with promo ideas etc.

    But, I've stopped making it a consuming passion because I haven't sold (In fact I just got another rejection!) I also found that immersing myself too much in the market mindset really screws with my writing. Too much outside influence.

    I've had to take a step back and get back to the core of writing: loving the creative process. So, I am back to writing a totally crappy first draft of the new story, outlining the plot for a YA and taking a class on adding to character emotions.

    Plus, the market changes so quickly. What's the new internet connection? Blogs? Facebook? Twitter? At this point, it's not really worth time that could be spent revising or writing.

    Very hard balancing act,

    But you are farther along on the writing curve, obviously.

    Me? Just call me stuck in limbo.


  2. Talia - I'm sure you'll sell soon and when you do you'll be ahead of where I was when I sold. I really had no idea how to promote myself or my book. It's been a steep learning curve, but I have learned a lot.

    Jody, I can relate to your promo reluctance - mostly because I'm naturally kind of shy. But...I've learned that I have to get past the shyness because I want people to buy my books. It's a challenge - but I'm working on it.

    Sometimes I wonder if I worry about the business parts too much. It really is a balancing act and I guess it's good that I'm a Libra. Libras are all about balance. ;-)


  3. Promo is not easy for me either. I too am kind of shy. And I was sooo not raised to toot my own horn--in fact, just the opposite. So, I guess we're all in this together.

    Hope you're feeling better!