Monday, March 9, 2009

Hot ‘n Cold

This time last week, I was buried under a foot of snow. It was 11 degrees outside and 54 degrees inside (did I mention we lost power – and HEAT!). In between snow ramp repair and fishing children out of the creek at the end of the snow ramp run, I was busy keeping the fireplaces burning so those wet, freezing children and their friends could track snow through my house to warm up. Boy, what a difference a week makes. Today I’m in shorts, it’s a balmy 79 degrees and too beautiful a day to stay inside and write.

If I was a good girl, I would’ve taken my alphasmart to the park or sat outside on the deck with my laptop. But I didn’t. I could’ve taken a notebook down to the river or dictated into my micro-recorder as I took a nice, long walk. But I didn’t. Well, I did take the long walk but when I have the two dogs in tow (one, an energetic almost 1 year old golden retriever mix and the other an old, blind, black lab mix) I don’t get much talking done. I’m too busy trying to keep them from getting tangled up, or keeping the blind one from running into mailboxes (or me) or scooping poop. I’ve tried to walk and talk with them and it ain’t pretty.

But you know what, sometimes you just have to put the writing aside and take a beautiful day off to do nothing but enjoy it. That’s what I did and I’ve got the sunburn to show for it.


  1. Sometimes you just have to take a writing break. I think kids and pets are fine inspirations for writing breaks.

  2. You'll come back stronger and more ready to take on the writing. Honest!

  3. We got BACK down in the 20's a day or two after being in the 80's which was a day or two after being in the 20's... MAN! Just when I thought it was safe to put away the ugly sweaters....