Monday, July 28, 2008

Muse at the Beach

By the time you read this post, I’ll be sitting on the beach, sand in my toes, a margarita in one hand and a juicy romance novel in the other. My muse should be on vacation too. She’s worked hard enough. I’ve finally typed THE END on the dragon manuscript-that-would-never-end and sent on its merry way to my agent (*fingers crossed* he likes it and can sell it). I should be relaxing and catching up on my TBR pile. If I was being a really good girl, I would be studying up on griffin mythology (since that’s the shapeshifter of the next book in the series). But what is my muse going to be doing in this relaxing ocean side setting? More than likely she’s going to be taking me off on some tangent about pirates or swashbucklers or mermaids (or mermen). The last wouldn’t be a bad thing, since a mermaid/man shapeshifter character could figure somewhere in my bestiary series if it gets that far. But that’s not what I need to be itching to write about now. Not that my muse will listen to me. You see, my muse has a tendency to take a bit of inspiration and run with it. The smell of ocean, the feel of the sun and sand, the sound of the waves--she’s just not going to be able to help herself. I can’t blame her. She doesn’t get much stimulation considering my home office is the sagging corner of the couch. Not a terribly inspiring location, what with the kid’s toys covering every available surface, dust bunnies multiplying by the dozen under my feet and laundry piling up like mini-Everests in the hampers of each bedroom. So when she does get out, she goes wild. Who knows, I may come back from the beach with the brilliant idea for a story about a pirate mermaid who falls in love with a seagull-griffin shapeshifter. Stranger things have happened. *G*


  1. My muse is jealous of your muse ;)

    Have a great time, and come home with great ideas.

  2. lmao Cheryel for real! lol I'M jealous, I want to be on the beach with a margarita, a romance book, and sand in my toes. *cries*

    I think I need to get better at lucid dreaming so I can just do that for free.