Sunday, June 1, 2008

A Hero By Any Other Name

My heroes are many, but two of my favorites are Harry Dresden (The Dresden Files, Jim Butcher) and Repairman Jack (The Tomb, F.Paul Wilson). These men are not your typical hero. In fact, both admit to many shortcomings. Harry is the only advertised wizard in the Chicago phone book, and gets some of the weirdest phone calls. He's smart and he's talented, and he finds solutions to some of the most unusal problems you can imagine (like how not to get bitten by vampires or how to trap faeries - little ones, anyway).

Repairman Jack, too, is an unusual hero. He doesn't want to be "on the grid," so he keeps his money in gold and his answering machine message anonymous. He's run across giant bugs and evil magic, and he's still been able to find love and acceptance while battling things most people don't want to know about.

We've all got our heroes - male and female. When we write, we try to create a memorable, likable character who will stay in the minds of our readers long after they've closed the book. We want them to want to know more about our characters, want to know more about us, our writing and why we can come up with such interesting people...all because we, ourselves, want to write. Heroes are all around us - we may be heroes ourselves, and heroes are an important part of the worlds we live in - real or imagined.


  1. lol I love the 'how to not get bitten by vampires' Quirky heroes are fun :)

  2. I'm fond of Harry Dresden too. I love the situations Jim Butcher manages to get Harry into.