Saturday, April 5, 2008

Holding Out for a Hero

Holding Out for a Hero

35. A customer starts hitting on you big-time. Who is it, how do you feel about it, do they have an ulterior motive beyond your essential hotness, and what happens next?

"Hey, Cesca. There's a customer out here who'd like to talk to you." Jody leaned uncertainly against the door of the kitchen.

"What about?"

"Dunno. He said he wanted to talk to the cook. That's you."

"Great. Probably wants to bitch."

"Don't think negative. Maybe he wants to compliment the food."

Francesca raised her brow. "Ya think? Really?"

Jody grinned. "Better find out. And remember, be nice."

"Until it's time to not be nice?"


Francesca nodded and took a deep breath, looking down to note the dusting of flour on her shirt. No time to clean up so he'd have to take her as he found her. She walked out into the nearly deserted diner.
She'd been winding down after the dinner rush and thought she was home-free. No such luck. She glanced at Jody, who pointed to a booth tucked back into a corner. As she rounded the back of the booth, she felt her stomach hit the floor and her throat close up. What the hell was he doing here?

He smiled. A perfect smile. A perfect smile to match his perfect blond hair and perfect blue eyes. He rose from the booth and bowed. Damn! From his gorgeous royal blue medieval tunic to his navy colored trews down to his black leather boots, he exuded confidence. And sex.

"My lady. A pleasure to see you again." He took her hand, turning it to press a kiss to the tender inner flesh of her wrist.

"Can't you leave me alone? Even for a little while?"

"Nay, my lady. You hold the key to my fate and happiness."

"But I'm busy right now."

"And I'm waiting. I've been waiting since you began with Eaduin. Finish with him and give me your time and attention. I deserve the happiness you've afforded him." He looked down at the ground, suddenly seeming uncertain in a boyish sort of way. "Don't I?" His soft voice tore at her heart. What was she going to do with him?

"Yes of course you do. But..."

"There are no buts, my lady. I must have your full attention. Enough of this sneaking about longing for more from you." He stepped forward and pulled Francesca close. "You hold my life in your hands. For pity's sake, end my waiting."

His mouth covered hers. Warm and wet. His hands stroked her body and excitement surged through her. She wanted to give in to him. Thoughts of him had plagued her for days...and nights. She could get started with him. Just make plans. Think about how to make him happy.

No. If she gave herself an inch, he'd take a mile. They always did. She had to follow one path at a time. None of this hopping from bed to bed and man to man. She wanted to make a commitment.

She pulled away from his warm embrace. "Your brother still needs me."

"Not if you write 'The End.' Just write it. Finish it."

"I can't."

"You can. Just go home tonight, sit down at your computer, and write the end of his damn book. You've written him pages and pages of hot sex. Meanwhile, I've gotten into bed with a servant wench. Once. Once in four hundred bloody pages!" Godwin Kempe paced, running his hands through his long blond hair. He whipped around to face her. "Do you know how much I ache?"

"Yes, I do. I ache too, you know. It's not easy to give away a hero you've fallen in love with to another woman."

He sighed, trying to appear contrite. "I know. Really. But I want my heroine and only you can give her to me. Please finish my brother's story and start mine. I'm counting on you, my lady. You're my only hope."

Godwin brushed her lips with his and disappeared.

"Who was he?"

Francesca turned to Jody. "My next hero. He's grumpy right now because I'm dawdling over ending his brother's story. He wants me to start his. In fact, he's rather insisting on it."

Jody grinned. "Naughty hero."

Francesca grinned back. "Yeah. I guess I'll just have to write some strong conflict with his heroine so he has to work for her. Work really hard. That'll teach him."
"Ah. A writer's revenge."

"Yes, and we all know revenge is a dish best served cold. It's a damn good thing I'm a very good cook."


  1. Oh, so many times I've had heroes staring at me, tapping their feet waiting impatiently for me to get to them. Yikes, does that make me a floozy??

    Very clever, Francesca!


  2. Sigh. I wish my heroes would visit me. ;)

  3. Maggie - you're only a floozy if you want to be. grin and wink.

    Brenda - It's not the visits I mind, it's the complaining. :-)

  4. LOL, Francesca. Just tell him that anticipation makes it all the sweeter :)

  5. OMG Cesca!!!! I have the SAME problem!!!

    They get so damn impatient!!!


    Gotta love 'em.


  6. Oh those heroes. Mine have been terribly and wonderfully naughty in ways I dare not divulge here.

  7. Natasha - I'm not sure Godwin will buy it but I'll give it a shot.

    Savanna - oooo divulge their naughtiness somehwhere! I'm very curious to hear more!

  8. Talia - Maybe we need to form a support group. Impatient Heroes Anonymous. Not a great acronym, but... :-)

  9. Oh, I've got one of those too. He's even picked out who his heroine is going to be. I just wish he'd tell me what his story is so I can write it.

  10. This is bad, but is it worse than when they get in a sulk and refuse to cooperate? Inquiring minds...

    Jody W.

  11. Jody, My heroes sulk regardless. It must be a guy thing...but then my heroines do it too. They are so contrary. The worst is when a secondary character refuses to remain a secondary character or he starts out as a villain but tells you he is merely misunderstood. Godwin's older brother Eaduin was just such a secondary character/villain. Can you tell who won?