Thursday, February 28, 2008

Paranormal State

We love things that scare us or make us believe in something supernatural. The pervasiveness of shows like Supernatural, Ghost Hunters, Ghost Whisperer, Paranormal State and Medium should tell us a bit about where we are in the world. People want to believe in magic and ghosts and things beyond themselves, beyond what they can see, so they can have hope or at least closure when things go bump in the night or something they can't explain happens to them.

There are a host of websites for people who believe in the paranormal or supernatural. There are witchy websites, ghostly websites, monster websites and a multitude of other sites linking us to things beyond the normal.

Some of these sites can be useful, others frightening, but the bottom line is, your computer and the Internet can open up worlds you've never seen or even thought about, and it broadens your limitations as a writer, giving you information about just about everything you would need to know.

The important thing is to take this information and sort through it to find the things you need. Useful things to make your writing more believable, more scary, more supernatural. There are so many editors who are tired of seeing the same things - werewolves, vampires, etc - and they want to see something new. You have the ability to find that something new and write something they've never seen before. The Internet is simply a tool; the real decision-making and the writing come down to you - your beliefs, your experiences and your knowledge make your book different from anyone else's.

So look off the beaten path for a new twist on the paranormal. You'll find it... and then you can run with it, and the next thing you know, an editor will be saying "I've never seen this - how soon can you get it to me?"

Get writing!


  1. It makes sense that what fascinates someone online would also interest them in a book-good thought!


  2. Bah! What do editors know? Vampires RULE!

  3. There's a lot to gathering information and then sorting it by what seems true and plausible and what doesn't. Happy surfing.