Sunday, February 17, 2008

A Hole In My Pocket

That's where my writing time seems to go. There's a hole in my pocket and every time I reach in there to grab some writing time, life happens. There's the hubby, the kids, the dog ... everybody seems to need me. Not to mention my clients. I am a freelance editor, and I have to tell you, some days I just don't have any words left in me, even when I do manage to snag a little bit of that time before it slips through that hole.

So I got out a needle and some thread to fix this problem, and here's what I've come up with.

I made some space just for me (in this house, it's not always easy). I have my computer and printer set up in a separate part of my workspace, and a filing cabinet drawer just for my projects. Then my DH bought me my own whiteboard for Christmas upon which I can post both my current editing projects AND my current writing projects. It has a little corkboard side where I can pin up pictures or notes to keep me motivated and on track with my own writing.

Then I realized when I do actually make time to write and be creative, lots of other ideas that have nothing to do with my current WIP keep bothering me - but they're too good to throw away. So I grab a piece of paper, write down whatever it is, and put it in a file in my handy little filing drawer. Then, if I need some inspiration, it's right there waiting for me.

I've found this is actually working for me, so I can recommend it. I like to cast my characters by cutting out a picture of someone who looks like I expect them to look and post it above my writing space. I've got my hero and heroine up there right now, and they look good. As I find my other characters (one looks like Emeril, so that one wasn't hard), I add to my white board and wall space, and it keeps me on task and focused.

Hopefully, if this exact thing doesn't work for you, you can find something to help you keep moving forward with your writing. I've discovered more time to write since I fixed that pesky hole, plus I've even been able to share some of what I've learned with an online workshop I'm teaching about fixing your own fiction. I feel much more creative, relaxed and in control of my writing time than I did just a few months ago.



  1. Lordy, do I know that feeling. I actually have had so much personal stuff going on that I haven't written anything in about 2 weeks!! ACK!

    I will get to some today because I have "off" from the paying job. (Admit it, we're never off from the home life job, right?)



  2. Ain't that just the truth! I think my hole has evolved into a bottomless pit!

  3. I like your plan for storing ideas. I write mine in notebooks which would work if I could remember which notebook had what in it.