Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Evolution of a Computer Junkie

Years ago, when I first felt that tug of my muse, I didn't have a computer to sit down at or even a typewriter. I picked up a pen, snatched one of my kids marble notebooks (hey, I replaced it eventually) sat at my dining room table and started writing The Chase is On. Two weeks and three marble notebooks later, it was done. I was an honest-to-God writer! So, now what?

When my darling husband suggested we get a computer, I balked at the idea. What do we need a computer for? We'd never use one and they're too expensive (keep in mind, this was back when my hubby said to his mom, "Oh, you'll never fill up a whole gigabyte of hard drive space.")

Then, one day, my in-laws bought a new computer and they gave us their old one. The second I saw what Microsoft Works could do I was hooked. The computer that I swore I'd never use, held me in its grasp to the point where hubby had to beg just to play a game of chess.

I never knew what a horrible speller I was until Works showed me, judging me with those wavy red lines, mocking my high school education.

The internet was a huge help in finding publishing houses and their guidelines, although, back then, not every house had a website. Research was only a Yahoo! search away (yes, I know, I'm a rebel, I don't use Google) I read tons of websites, learned so much about writing and the publishing business. Even the chat rooms were helpful.

Chat rooms you say? Maggie, surely you jest.

Not at all! Everything I ever learned about the differences between men and women, I learned in an internet chat room. If you've ever been in a chat room, you know what I mean.

Now, I can't imagine living without a computer. From word processing programs, to the internet and those addictive games of solitaire, it's amazing I ever leave the house.



  1. I know that "addictive" sensation. maybe computers ourgt to come with a warning label.

  2. I hear there are pocket PCs and Iphone thingies where you can take your computer tech with you out of the house... :)

    Jody W.

  3. I find my computer and the places it goes addictive too.