Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Kathleen Grieve, Dishwasher

You can find Kathleen in the back cleaning up the mound of dishes of the various entrees the diners have enjoyed throughout the day. She's been demoted to dishwasher ever since she accidentally set a grease fire. Everyone knew she'd been day dreaming of the gorgeous and mouth-watering Dr. Stone Lassiter--the heart surgeon out to save the next life in her current WIP.

Kathleen doesn't mind the relegation of her duties. In fact, she was grateful to Debi and Jeannie for keeping her on. She's not much of a cook anyway, and if a little fire was all that occured, the Diner's actually lucky. Worse things have happened when Kathleen was left to her own devices in the kitchen.

You will often find Kathleen scrubbing pots with a bemused expression on her face. When you ask her what planet she's gone off to, she'll just shake her head and smile. That is when you know her thoughts have drifted to what mischief a ghost named Seamus has been causing for his son, Dr. Devon Jameson, and a nurse named Rachel O'Dea. Seamus's matchmaking antics have turned both their lives upside down in Kathleen's second WIP.

Sometimes, you'll see Kathleen fingering the well-worn pages of her first completed manuscript. Her first attempt at writing failed. But some good things came out of the experience--writing the story of Clare McMullen, a doctor who has visions and dreams that become reality. She sees the murder of the security guard at the lab she works in and her life-saving medical research is stolen. Soon, Clare becomes the next target and is trying to stop her own murder. Of course, Clare has a handsome bodyguard who protects her.

Through rejection of that first manuscript, Kathleen learned that her characters were not deep enough and learned something about GMC. Since then, Kathleen joined RWA and found her local chapter, the Heartland Writers Group. She also became a part of an online chapter, Kiss of Death. Because she'd completed a manuscript, Kathleen earned status as a RWA PRO.

Kathleen is determined to weave a tale of science with the supernatural and will one day realize that goal.

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